This post is mainly for new readers (As we see to be having more visitors) – The one word you will hear in the mainstream associated with DiD is “Splitting”. Splitting is awful – It’s a horrible event. What no one with DiD will tell you (Curiously) is that watching a loved family member, disappear., like a ghost, is emotionally traumatic. – Every time it happens.

Imagine it, it’s like a loved family member, dying, or disappearing completely and sometimes that departure comes immediately, without warning. There’s no time to say goodbye. For MikeANP and others in the system, watching Katy Mae (Or any of us) fade away is so hard on all of us. Katy or anyone in the system can be gone for weeks, months or even years.

Katy Mae misses Kayleigh Marie terribly. Alters can absolutely miss other alters or the ANP – Or vice Versa and everything in between, x9 different personalities and perspectives.

Β Katy has been echoing the same visualization of a split with MikeANP for a long time.
This Echo Element (E/e) is from “Shutter Island”.

From Katy’s perspective this is what experiencing a dominant (-D+) split is like, emotionally for
MikeANP or anyone else in our system.

Dominant splits aren’t just a “Split” into someone else as depicted in the mainstream. Forget all of that bullshit you see, that’s not how a split is experienced. It’s a terrifying and saddening event every time a split (/S/) happens. There are positives of a split but we will cover that on another post.

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