Paul Vitti – Comparative study?

I was just thinking about what I should write about, DiD wise in the coming days. I was thinking perhaps some more about how “Splitting”(/S/) feels, perhaps a post or two about what dissociation is like when your around other people; You know, DiD stuff. We have been posting a lot of Matrix stuff for the rest of the system; Bear with us. There’s a lot to record for all of us.

The Love Bug has been in control long enough for me to say a split is happening right now – There’s a dominance (-D+) issue going on. More about dominance, coming soon, as well. As Katy Mae becomes more active, MikeANP will fade into the rear – Bear with me, I’ll be back. πŸ™‚ Before this split happens, I thought I would share a really funny family echo (E) that has ended up as a projective (P+) echo element (E/e), as well.

We know Ashley from “Mental Health @ Home” will get a kick out of this element; She’s been following our blog the longest – She’ll get it. Love ones, we hope (Those, too, we included in the projectives) will get a morning laugh from this. This is from the movie “Analyze That” which incidentally is loaded with “3”s. This is a great movie and well worth your time. One of our all time favorites that we echo to this day.

What makes this so hilarious is that more than a few people who know us have ended up talking to us like this NOW, in some cases. Katy Mae is our echo expert and it calms her when others echo back to her in “Movie speak”, just like you see above. A kind of interactive “Stimming” and communication method, if you will.

What makes it even funnier is that this scenario is entirely possible but not probable, in our case. Now, some of us are wondering if this is yet another Matrix reference to us. Very funny, if that’s the case, Mr. Matrix – We like that one. XD

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  1. olololololool God, I love this. Let’s not forget Pearl Harbor.

  2. ashleyleia says:

    “An IQ just north of a bedroom slipper” – I bet Kayleigh could come out and kick some serious ass with that bedroom slipper.

    • HAHA@Kayleigh. I’m pretty sure Kayleigh likes you – Oh yes; You have her pegged – She doesn’t take any shit from anyone, ever. We could see her beating someone with a bedroom slipper. LOL XD

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