Kayleigh strikes again.

Someone in our adoptive family ended up unknowingly engaging Kayleigh Marie in a debate, tonight. This person doesn’t know Kayleigh even exists. Jesus Lord, that was not pretty – That was a bloodbath. This person, eventually backed into a corner by Kayleigh, backed down from her. He too, was at a loss for words when she presented her math. When you knowingly go head to head with Kayleigh, you gotta be prepared for it, in more ways than one.

The more you struggle with Kayleigh, the more she squeezes. As Katy Mae posited, “Kayleigh will strangle you with your own words”. I, MikeANP, couldn’t find a more perfect description, if I tried.

At the end of the day, while this person said “I’m proud of you – I’m at a loss” he assumed he was talking to MikeANP. The spoils of war, that pride, should go to her. He was speaking to an actively hiding (A/h), very possessed (P) Kayleigh Marie (A) at that point.

  Kayleigh Marie has somehow outsmarted the entire world. We are proud of her and I (MikeANP) as so blessed to know her. She is our  brainy warrior and we wouldn’t want her any other way.

  We have a ton of new DiD content and articles coming, we have a lot to talk about – We’ll get to it. We hope every, lovely and wonderful soul out there had a very Merry Holiday spent in warmth and happiness.

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  1. No shit not pretty. Mr. Matrix and his games, which one is it, you know? Merry Christmas Dad I love you. <3

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