Is this “Stigma”, or something else?

There was a movie many moons ago that was called “Me, Myself and Irene” that drew a lot of ire because of the supposed stigmatization surrounding mental health issues. Personally this is one of the funniest movies we have ever seen and echo it (E), to this day. It’s almost 20 years old but still worth a watch if you have never seen it.

The main character “Charley”, which starts with a “C” (3), got married, had a perfect life and then; Bam – Charlie’s wife cheated on him, shortly after they got married. The stress of his wife cheating on him (And bearing someone else’s children) forced his mind to fragment into parts but Charlie, didn’t know his mind had fragmented. It’s noted that DiD develops in childhood, not adulthood.

One particularly stressful day forced Charley into either a possessed state (P) or completely split (/S/) into his newly created alter, “Hank”. Hank tore around town, acting like a maniac and settling scores (Sometimes violently) he had against people in Charley’s life – People that Hank feels need to be confronted. Charlie always had the problem of other people running over him. Charley did his best, even as a police officer to avoid conflict whenever possible – He was a pushover.

Look out! Hank has taken over!

Β  Eventually, Charlie came back into dominance (-D+) and was told what Hank did; Charlie was completely shocked at what had happened and had absolutely no idea what Hank had done – He simply couldn’t remember anything. This is also, completely accurate. Both a split and a possession can be dissociative. He was told that a “Head doctor” had diagnosed (dx) him with “Advanced Delusional Schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage”. Clearly, this was DiD but was called something else, to throw us off the scent, which is for another time.

Eventually, Charlie and Hank meet a woman and fall desperately in love with her (At least Charlie did); The relationship between the three of them is actually quite accurate for what it’s like to love someone who lives with DiD. Not only is this relationship comedy gold but it’s a wonderful (Although overacted) primer as what one can expect from a loved one living with DiD. A great example would be Hank sleeping with Irene; When Irene found out it was Hank, not Charlie she slept with, her immediate response was:

“I never wanted to sleep with you Hank!!!” – Absolutely awesome and spot on. Irene has a tremendous amount of conflict with Hank and that was another brilliant look at what DiD and loved can and do argue over. Not only did Hank trick Irene, Irene was pissed at Hank and Charlie. A very realistic but dramatized example of DiD conflict with others. There can be just as much conflict with other people as there is within a DiD system.

Another wonderful example is when Charlie decides to physically fight Hank – He’s had enough of his shit; Another very accurate representation of DID. While these two (Hank and Charlie) are literally fighting with each other, Irene jumps in the middle and screams “Stop it, you’re gonna kill him!” Of course, none of us would actually get into a one sided fist fight with each other; This isn’t particularly realistic in our DiD case.

Everyone watching this fight looked at Irene like she was the unstable one. That is very realistic from our experience. “It’s not me!” “It’s Hank!”. Excellent!

Β  This movie accurately portrays what happens when someone else loves someone with DiD. A person that truly loves someone with DiD means that this person accepts someone’s alters, as well – Which is very, very tricky. Romance and DiD can be a fucking nightmare if one isn’t careful.

So the question really becomes “Where is the stigma happening”? We think, if anything, the stigma lies in the diagnosis and the presentation of the overacting of an actual disorder. If we are to look at this film less as poking fun those with mental health issues but presenting certain DiD facts that are accurate and hilarious, this movie becomes something else, entirely. Our family loves watching this movie; It’s like we are watching ourselves on the big screen. XD

What do you lovely readers think? Horribly offensive movie or something else!?!!? Free free to comment in the comments section.

If you lovely people have read this entire blog, thank you very much! You could be anywhere else and you chose to spend some of your time with us today – That’s a lovely thing for us. Thank you!

Watch Me, myself and Irene with our family in mind – We promise you, you will laugh – Hard; Hopefully, at our expense.

Stay lovely, it’s what you do best!

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  1. Hilarious and dead onπŸ˜‚

  2. ashleyleia says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but if the character is presented as having a diagnosis of schizophrenia, then that reinforces inaccurate stereotypes of schizophrenia is “multiple personality disorder”.

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