Great DiD realization.

Something occurred to MikeANP, that makes this DiD experience even sweeter than it already is; Something so very special that we thought it time to share this realization with all of you lovely souls out there.

Β  MikeANP and the rest of our family will never have to see this:

This is without a doubt the most God awful image we have ever seen – It haunts many in the system.

Β  None of our family members will ever witness another one of our family members “die”. Our family will leave this realm, bound for the next, together, ready to solve new and exciting puzzles. Thankfully, Mark and MikeANP will never have to say goodbye (Which we could never do) to the female system (F/s) and vice versa. This, Mr. Matrix has spared us.

There are moments of DiD greatness and this is another one of those moments. We will exit this realm, together, as a family.


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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    Thanks a very sweet realisation <3

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