Hello lovely people. I, MikeANP, still feel like I’m in the background. I don’t really feel like myself but I’m still myself – I’m sure now we have a dominance (-D+) issue happening. Anyways, we wanted to post more about what it’s like when other’s talk with us. So we wanted to talk more about DiD and conversations with others. Even that, at times, can be  tricky. Let’s talk about it! (A->)

Loved ones have learned one thing about us, over the years; There are many of us that want to talk and communicate and that all happens at the same time. (Usually through “Co-Engagements” (C/eg). In our particular DiD case, when we interact with others, it’s many of us talking and actively listening at the same time. Some loved ones find their conversations with us as “tiring”, simply because many of us are speaking at the same time.

Kayleigh, may silently studying the 3D footprint and shape of your voice, while MikeANP may be talking to you about bullet physics (Exciting stuff). Out of no where, Katy Mae may ask an off the wall question like “Do you like flowers”?  Before you know it, Mark has interjected himself into the same conversation, in some way.  Many of us may want to talk to you while other’s in the system. don’t. It completely depends on the day and the moment.

What you will learn about DiD is that you will end up having multiple conversations happening in the same conversation. There have been plenty of times when you know you’re talking to Kayleigh Marie – She is a character, alright. Someone in the system might just as well take over and end a conversation if they have had enough, while the conversation is happening. Instant cutoff.

Loved ones know what we are talking about. It’s not personal.

It’s very tricky getting used to conversations with those living with DiD, as multiple conversations can leave on a bit off balance, from time to time. That’s not to say having conversations with all of us can’t be hilariously fun, which they usually are.

Side journeys. Prepare yourself to have a lot of fun.  🙂