Monthly Archive: December 2019


Dad’s quote: Time.

Hi hall. It’s Katy. We have been bouncing around ideas for his quotes written in Latin – Many of them just don’t look right. I am going to design a few tatt’s for him...


Oh Lord. Another one.

Oh God. We have another, brand new name (Possible Alter) that was just brought up.   “Christy”   We have a process to deal with just this kind of issue.


Please don’t go. (New Readers) (Quickread)

This post is mainly for new readers (As we see to be having more visitors) – The one word you will hear in the mainstream associated with DiD is “Splitting”. Splitting is awful –...


Kayleigh strikes again.

Someone in our adoptive family ended up unknowingly engaging Kayleigh Marie in a debate, tonight. This person doesn’t know Kayleigh even exists. Jesus Lord, that was not pretty – That was a bloodbath. This...