Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Our DiD Journey

"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

We are humbled beyond words.

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Mr/Ms. Matrix assigned a “God” number to Katy Mae. Anything’s possible. Lie to us, literally from the day we were born, about absolutely everything and then give Katy Mae such a eyebrow raising number assignment. Why would we trust Mr. Matrix now? It will literally lie about anything and perhaps, that’s the point. That thing we had called “Trust” has been thrown completely out the window.

See image below – Mr. Matrix literally changed her email address and added 333 to the front of it. This isn’t the first time Mr. Matrix has jacked with her email and her email, only. It scared her so much, she doesn’t want a new one. Thanks Mr. Matrix.

That being said, we’ll say this (With some of us engaged). We had a theory that for Mr. Matrix, to be able to successfully pull this off,  it would have to put 3’s in every movie ever made with us in mind. Otherwise, that would have been a big clue for us as to who this is really about.

Every movie ever made had to be encoded the same way for us – This goes back decades, if not further before we even existed on this Earth. We are kind of scared to look how far back this goes (At least 1945).

Last night was the nail in the coffin. This is no longer a theory, it’s fact.

  Our family, is humbled by such worldly effort(s) on account of us.

Truly humbled.

  Thanks for stopping by our shit box and reading more about us, when you could be anywhere else. Keep bein’ lovely, it’s what you do best!


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