Tri Pi Zaritskaya! (+Visual puzzle)

Holy damn, all some of us can say is holy damn, that voice is insanely beautiful and wow are you beautiful. Not ironic at this point, you share every RCT trait of our daughter Katy Mae, plus the big cow eyes that she loves. We love your puzzle! 😀  We also find it interesting the first shot of that flawless face of yours happens at the 1:43 (33) mark (Ttm). TRI PI!!! (Puzzle below)

Awesome puzzle Solution:  (3) red lights. 2 sets of 4 lights and 1 set of 5.
4+4=8+5=13(3) Or 33.

  Damn are you beautiful – Good God.

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4 Responses

  1. Good lord, almighty. (Assuming not rendered)

  2. wow dad she is absolutely beautiful. she looks amazing.

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