Tri-Pi little girl!!!

Our family is still here. We are currently in shut down mode – There’s just too much to think about. People keep calling Katy Mae amazing names. The staring is getting even worse than it was before. We cannot leave the house without it happening.

There is an image that gives us hope. People already know who the f*ck we are, the joke’s on us. The old, tired line of “I have never met you before” never held any water, for any of us. Technically correct but a strawman argument at it’s core.

Before, the image below didn’t really make sense in a literal way – Now it makes perfect sense. An adorable little girl from another country was simply saying hello to us – It’s just that simple; Like everything else, in this realm. This is from the song “Never give up” by Sia.

Tri Pi young lady! Hello back! Katy Mae think’s you are the cutest little thing in the world!!!! <3

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  1. da-AL says:

    Wishing you happiness all around…

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