The taste of confidence; Tri Pi, Elvis Presly!

Oh, it’s so sweet. Katy Mae, is dancing. I can feel her  – Her dance. It was time to finally tell my adoptive family that I know that everything is just a giant production – A trauma and fear based campaign against my family. For some greater purpose; This we do know, as a family.

It was finally time to confront my adoptive father that WE always felt different. Different than anyone else on the face of the Earth and we didn’t know why. We always felt the attention was always on us, in some indescribable, unseen way. We always felt something wrong with the world with no way to verbalize that feeling. The statistics never made sense, the stories never made sense. The wars, the terror, the constant fear, the beheadings, the bloodless police shootings – All of it. Entertaining and terrifying but completely illogical stories.

Toss together all the tragedies, nukes, wars, shootings, riots, terror attacks, impossible statistics and pour them onto a table. The only object that connects all of these stories together, as a puzzle, is 3. Math. Mr. Matrix is brilliant.

Something was certainly wrong and since we were small children, we knew it. Why do you think we don’t take much seriously and never did (Including ourselves)!?!?

So I phoned my family and explained all the 3’s everywhere, that I had stumbled onto a set of matrix puzzles involving 3. I explained and showed visual evidence of such. 2 hours. This person spent two hours trying to debunk what our family has stumbled onto. It takes about 5 minutes for most people. We have spent years with these calculations. More blatant disregard of obvious facts with no supportive counter evidence; Signs.”I have heard too much!”.

So I did the only thing I could do.

This is a visual math matrix puzzle. Any takers!?! Tell us in the comments!

  I challenged this family member to find us a movie. ANY movie IN HISTORY of his choice; With the promise on my life itself, that it’s loaded with 3’s. Confidence is something brand new for me.

   This person picked the movie “Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock”. That movie was made in 1957. Almost two decades before we were born.

  Well, Mr. Matrix doth have a great sense of humor. Remember, we are on the phone with this person, as this was happening. Oh the joy – The absolute joy of the 2nd image we found from Youtube. Pure and absolutely melted chocolate mmmmm goodness, all over. 1957.

This is an easy one. 3/1*2=33

The phone went really quiet. Oh sweet joy. Kayleigh struck, again, out of nowhere. Oh the joy.

As soon as we sent that image to this person by email and it was received, I was cackling, like a crazy man, very loudly. Of COURSE there’s a 1313, in that film, on the second image we find of it. Of course this has to be happening in real time. LOL.

  Interestingly, during that entire 2 hour bloodbath, we were never called “crazy”.

We have soooo much more to write about this but everyone in the system is outta whack right now. Holy shit. We are the first people (9) on Earth to see this code in movies. Supposedly we are only 9 of 7 Billion people that are seeing this. That’s statistically impossible. Everything for our family, it seems, is in reverse.

Our 333 challenge still stands, and you can find it here. Thank you for stopping by our shit box blog when you could be anywhere else, reading a pretty, interesting blog. lololololhahahaha niiiice shit box.

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  1. that was awful holy shit. you were amazing to me. and im proud of you dad.

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