The Smittens; Altered reality?

The Smittens”. We have a love hate relationship with this group. Their music is just as weird if not more weird than this state. That’s not to say people here are weird; Good hearted and kind folks to a fault but……..weird, but in a non threatening kind of way.

Somehow we ended up listening to a group called “The Smittens’. This was long before discovery (-Dsc-) that we found them.

We don’t know what The Smitten’s are hoping to accomplish with their art – It’s a really odd kind of music. Take a look at some of their music videos. You’re staring at some kind of altered, weird parallel universe brought to life with their videos. We can’t even say it’s creepy because that would be hateful. lol Check out their video “One hundred roses” – You’ll see what we mean.

Just oddly unsettling, yet uniquely interesting. Anyways, there is one song that stands out about the rest of their music and it’s a song called “Love Record Breaker”. Ironically and hilariously, their music videos, just like every other music video on Earth is loaded with “3”s. Like we said, love and hate thing going on.

Check em out, this song, they got just right. Part’s of this song are actually quite beautiful.

Do you see the 3/3 on their label?

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