There’s absolutely no reason why living with DiD can’t be absolutely hilarious. We love to make fun of each other. It has it’s really, really awesome times. Katy Mae, as it turns out, is the scrap booker of the family. Her scrapbook is different than anyone else’s; For her, it’s movies that come in the form of “Echo Elements” (E/e=?). She weaves our family experiences into the movies she watches.

Apparently, this is how she experiences Mike and Mark(us). Did you guys catch the 3’s? If not, look below the video for the answer!

3 in between the trucks – Also note the time stamp: 0:13 (Thank you, #Brick)
Also note, the character said “I’m going to drop you like 3rd grade French.

Also, the two brothers arguing are the “Mallory Brothers” – Another puzzle!

M =13
B = 2