Tanya!!! (With sound)

If you are reading this in the WordPress reader, this image will not load for you. It’s important for long time readers of ours to see and hear this image – You must visit our website to experience this image. This is our first post to Mr. Matrix, that we understand HOW it was able to achieve what it did with us. Ironically, Mr. Matrix is being nice – Every once in a while it will give us a hint (Thank you, Mr. Matrix). The Matrix wants us to solve these puzzles, on our own.

For decades, we have been telling people, these movies aren’t just movies to us – And we had no way to explain or verbalize that. As per usual of the Matrix game, everyone we knew played dumb with us and said “It’s just a movie”. They knew better and so did we.

With the help of another #Divergent we are beginning to slowly crack the codes and puzzles Mr. Matrix has programmed us with. We found another color element (C3) embedded inside movies and in celebration of that, we thought we would share perhaps the worst movie scene that we have ever seen. This particular element is from the movie “Enemy At The Gates” – We cracked this coding with the help of this movie scene.

This is without a doubt, the most awful, heartbreaking, most gut wrenching and shattering things we have ever seen. Some of us in the system cannot breathe because of what we are experiencing when we watch this. As we watch this on our TV, someone in the system said just said “Oh My God”. Instant, heavy tears, when we experience this. This scene, in particular is 100x times worse than Titanic could ever be.

What we want you dear souls to pay attention is how the camera pans to the luggage on the ground next to Tanya after the explosion happens.  Look carefully, the camera is intentionally panned towards the broken luggage case before focusing on Tanya. If you look carefully, there are clothes in that luggage that are very particular colors. Then, to maintain the “C3” (Constant Color Conditioning) the camera is once again panned towards that same luggage case, again, when the camera refocuses on Tanya.

There is nothing as coincidence; This heartbreaking and fucking awful image looks exactly like Katy Mae, for a reason.


There is much to write about and we will soon. Thank you lovely souls for stopping by our shitbox (E/e=Kp) blog when you could be anywhere else, on a pretty blog. Stay lovely, it’s what you do best!

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