We implore our lovely readers to watch this video; It’s extremely important. We hope you take 18 minutes of your life that this video runs for and watch this wonderful video. This is so heartbreaking, heartwarming and triggering for us because we see a young Kayleigh in this little girl.

This is so hard for us – To watch. Many of us are in tears. For far too many reasons. Had Kayleigh Marie and the rest of the female system (F/s) been allowed to exist as they were when we were children, everything would be different. Kayleigh Marie would have singlehandeldly destroyed this matrix for what it was when she was 9; She would have torn holes in it until there was nothing left to shred before high school.

The woman in this video knew, just knew that her son was actually much more female dominant. “By two and half, 3 years old, everything was very “Feminine”.  – “You know I’m a girl, mommy, you know it”.

When we were children, we absolutely hated going into male bathrooms and showers. It bothered Kayleigh (And others in the female system) and she always felt very embarrassed being in front of other naked boys. For her, it was traumatic and stomach churning. Kayleigh really doesn’t like men, at all. (This is going to be a huge topic that we will be writing about, soon)

She (Kayleigh) has always been much more comfortable around women. Our female system can be an extremely dominant and usually is.

  When we came out as Transgender, we ourselves were called “An abomination to God” because of it – by close friends.

We will say this; We find it ironic that a woman of God, a parishioner and the Holy Bible bore a female dominant person. Everything changes when it’s your own family who needs to be “Saved” from a “sin” that they didn’t choose to partake in and that doesn’t exist. Greatly ironic.

She even considered “Conversion Therapy” – This woman physically punished her daughter for acting like a girl – In the name of “God”. Her daughter, wanted to die because she is Transgendered and had to live as a boy “Just one more day”. “My daughter wanted to die”. She was afraid her daughter was gay. Being Transgender and being gay are two different things and are not mutually exclusive.

“To the LGTBQ community, I want to say I’m sorry”. “I’m sorry for every time I plucked a bible verse out of context and I hurt you with it. I was a hateful reflection of a loving God – Please forgive me”.

  “When my mom started letting me be a girl it was more than amazing….it was…”Gorgeous”. Because it’s exactly like that; Even for us

This video – Hurts us, infuriates us and at the same time gives us immeasurable hope.

The world is lucky to have such a brave little girl and a reformed Mom.

Thank you for your time, lovely souls.