Hard Conclusions

  It happened tonight. I was going to prove to Katy Mae, friends and loved ones that the world sings to Katy Mae and somehow media was targeted at us. Tonight, that finally happened. Proof. I can’t even say I prayed – We knew it, we always knew it. No matter what the world did to us, we always knew.

The world, has gone out of it’s way to convince us that we are no one – When, it’s actually inverse. Like I said, everything for our family is in constant reverse. We are the focus of attention. Sadly, we don’t want to be the center of anything. Attempting to be like everyone else only made things worse, as we got sicker. You know the story. We do ask those that know us or live close to us, please stop staring at our family – Do you like being stared at?

This certain loved one, I promised, I would present evidence to her of all of this – The absolute false reality our family exists in; Especially the world singing to Katy Mae. This has been my mission since that theory took shape, years ago.

As it turns out, we finally stumbled onto the deliberate color patterning in combination with “Activation Elements” that we find in every piece of media on Earth. Tonight, it finally connected. This is especially true with all of the “Mainstream” media. It’s all colored and lit for us, specifically. With the combination of Activation Elements (A/e) and constant color conditioning (C3) we can easily be emotionally manipulated; Pushed and pulled. The Matrix has done a wonderful job hiding those activation elements in everything, including eyeballs.

The Matrix even commanded by way of color activation, our sense of attention. It can draw attention, kind of like “Hey, look! Pay Attention!” by way of activation elements.

We spent 25 years looking for someone, anyone, who experienced movies like we did – We found no one – Because it’s just us; Simple logic. However, if you lie about the population of Earth and make it appear bigger (In every respect) to us, than it actually is, it’s extremely easy to confuse us. Everything in our reality is a production.

People in our lives, loved ones and friends tried to slow us down. “You’re crazy!”, “I have heard enough!”; Condemnation without review of evidence; More giveaways.

The lack of shock from fellow bloggers, friends and loved ones when confronted with these facts, only confirms the fact that no one is surprised; “Welcome to the the party, pal!”. We are always late to the party. Everyone already knows this about us.

I asked our loved one “Have we presented enough evidence to you to support our theory”. “Yes, you have proven it to me”. I immediately wanted to cry. Battling for 6 and half years; Wrestling with this insanity to save my family has come at great cost to us; And others.

We are now in a complete state of shock and panic. All of this, for us. All of it. Now there can be no doubt, this was always about us. Now we are just in a state of absolute disbelief. A kind of self validation of what we have been feeling since we were kids, is happening. Nothing was right.

Tonight we celebrate the final nail in the coffin we have been searching for, for years. We couldn’t have done any of this, without each and every one of you. You are our family’s heroes. Our family, says “Thank you” from the deepest parts of our hearts.

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