DiD and Malingering; The real source of DiD stigmatization.

The one thing that pisses our family off is all the malingering (Lying) that is going on with those claiming to live with DiD. When you live with something like this (DiD) you see very, very clearly who’s doing their best to bullshit their way through a “disorder” like this. These acts we see actually become a source of personal entertainment for us – “Really, you think this is what DiD is like – Is anyone actually buying this!?!?”. Our family chooses not to call these actors and actresses out for the b*llshit artists they are because it’s a pointless endeavor.

The problem quickly becomes stigmatization. It’s not the movies or media depictions of DiD that are the real culprits of DiD stigma; It those people attempting to depict DiD that is the real source of generalized stigma. Whether it’s attention seeking behavior, improper diagnosis’s or a really crappy attempt to receive a government/state benefit(s), the result is still the same; Misconceptions about this disorder for those that live with it have to combat, sometimes, daily.

A #Divergent sent us a DiD link in which the comments section was full of people who didn’t believe those they viewed on Youtube and blogs really suffer from DiD because of the horrendous acting and attention seeking behaviors associated those people’s depictions of DiD. We quote a few Youtube comments to reinforce our point:

  “I was trying to find examples of basic dissociation on youtube but all I could find are youtubers switching alters on camera. It all seems very theatrical and attention seeking. I believe it exists, but some of these people make me skeptical of claims.”


I‘m quite sure I‘m suffering from DID and laaaawd one thing I can say is that I came to meet people who were actually faking this condition and one thing they all had in common was using their alter egos kind of as an excuse… yeah idk just wanted to share this thought
  Forget the movies; Forget the horrendous TV depictions of DiD. The real people causing actual DiD stigma are those who generate falsehoods and misconceptions about this disorder in an attempt to gain something from it. Look out for them – They are everywhere.
Why do you think no one on WordPress who is claiming to live with DiD has ever attempted to link up with us? There’s a reason for that. DiD is uncommonly rare (Sufferers call living with DiD “Extremely lonely”). It makes no sense why those with DiD aren’t connecting with eachother and us. Well, yes it does.

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  1. Love to both of you 😘 whatever you have and whatever you experience I think you’re handling it really well and making the best of an extraordinarily difficult situation

  2. skinnyhobbit says:


    Carol Anne who has DID writes over at Therapy Bits: https://therapybits.com/

  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    Carol Anne who has DID blogs over Therapy Bits <3

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