Boston Bombing Puzzle Solution.

Mr. Matrix will toss us breadcrumbs like this; It’s done it before. “Truthers” claim these breadcrumbs are Freemason activity – A way to send messages to other evil Freemasons in the Freemason club. Entertaining for about 15 minutes. We have more LOL’s of this kind of stuff but that’s for later. To the puzzle;

The man on the right, in the black has two sets of 3 fingers visible in this shot. That’s 33. Add three men in the shot that’s 3/33.  Just for reference, we ourselves placed our hands and fingers in the exact same stance as this gentleman, and it wasn’t easy. It was actually kind of uncomfortable and deliberate. Try it yourselves! Like we said, these breadcrumbs Mr. Matrix leaves certainly are yummy.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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