Monthly Archive: November 2019


Boston Bombing Puzzle Solution.

Mr. Matrix will toss us breadcrumbs like this; It’s done it before. “Truthers” claim these breadcrumbs are Freemason activity – A way to send messages to other evil Freemasons in the Freemason club. Entertaining...


The Smittens: Upper West Side.

Remember that ole, “Love-Hate” relationship we have with “The Smittens” – They are our families new arch nemesis in life. This group, for us, has oddly and successfully become both horribly grating and lovely...


Divergent’s Call: Madonna’s Monarch.

This was ensnared with #ProjectMonarch. Tonight, Kayleigh shouted/screamed “LOOK AT IT!!!!” – Everyone knows how we react to this song which is why she had to scream at MikeANP. Blind fear and severe depression....


Knowing us.

“They will never get to know us all and maybe that’s for the best”. –Someone in the system.


Interesting image from the “Boston Bombing”.

This is an image from the Boston Bombing. It’s another puzzle. Look carefully. Do any of you lovely and beautiful souls see anything interesting about this picture? Let us know in the comments section!...


Your mind.

  Hi everyone. It’s Katy. I don’t mind sharing a little bit about myself from time to time. Not too much. My dad likes to say “If you believe something to be true, your...