What they never tell you…

Hello lovely souls. We are in a solid dispossession (DSP). There is something the mainstream depictions of DiD miss, by about 10 miles. You will hear “My alter did this, and said that – And then I split back to me” – Too linear of a story under too unemotional of terms, from our experience living with DiD.

Living with DiD is anything other than linear – DiD is highly dynamic, minute by minute; And the experience is emotionally exhausting, to say the least.

What all these depictions miss is the sadness of watching a loved one disappear after the split (/S/) or possession (P) ends. it’s almost like a traumatic separation (T-S), happening all over again. There is a horrible sadness watching Katy Mae (or any of them) go – Being able to experience her and interact with her when she’s dominant (-D+) is amazing and so much fun. It’s hard when she wanes into the fog of rear consciousness. I never know when she will be back.

I will let Katy Mae’s projection (I/-p) she showed me (At least a million times), years and years before discovery (Pe-D), tell the story.

Katy Mae’s internal and external projection of what experiencing a dispossession/split is like, for MikeANP,
from her perspective. This Echo Element (E/e) is from the movie “Shutter Island” – Which is also
loaded to the gills with 3/33‘s.

  Ah, the things they miss. You heard it here first, lovely souls. Have a wonderful weekend. We have a new movie recommendation and will post it soon. Also, no one has answered the riddle we posted on our blog a few days ago. We will post the answer, today, as well.

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