The things we never saw.

The things we never saw. This is an easy one we never actually saw. As we have been showing all of you lovely readers for the last few years, 3/33 is absolutely everywhere, in every form of media on Earth – Like the following:

This is an internal projection (I/-p+) of Katy Mae’s that involves the male system. This Echo Element (E/e)
is from the movie “Shot Caller“.

  It’s all the same thing. It’s always been the same thing. These movies, all of them, feel and appear personal to our family – Friends and ones have been quoted as saying “Yeah, they are personal”. That being said, we want to tell you about what we didn’t see (Or perhaps didn’t want to see);

With such numbers as 13, 33 or 3/33 so prominently displayed for the world to see, why are we the only ones who see it? When I say that, I am referring to Youtube and like websites. No one, ever and never has ever commented and said “Wow, there’s another 13, that’s like the 3th one today – What does that mean; What is this all about?!” No movie reviewer, in the history of movie reviews has ever commented on all the 3‘s in absolutely every movie that has ever been made.

Look for yourself. No one, in a Youtube comment (or in the movie industry) has ever commented about the constantly recurring numerics and their associated puzzles. It’s never happened.

Soooo, we are the only ones out of 7 billion people on the face of the Earth that can see these numbers and comment on their appearances?

We don’t think so.

  More giveaways to the shenanigans Mr.Matrix is throwing our way. As a loved one tells us “You will see it when you are ready to see it”.

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