Hello lovely readers. Everyone in the system is finally resting/sleeping – I’m so happy they are finally resting from the War Of Understanding that’s been happening. This is a perfect time to talk about what will become a new series on our blog; “Surviving Narcissistic Abuse”.  We will go into detail about the warning signs of Narcissism and the abuse patterns that you can learn to spot for yourself which will empower you (Or other victims) of dangerous narcissistic behavior and systemic traumatic abuse.

We have also created special tags, html coding and new categories for this particular subject in hopes of reaching survivors and victims. Fingers crossed, lovely people.

We will also post links from both professionals and survivors themselves in order to help you break the cycle of narcissistic abuse and the consequences of that abuse that you are enduring and have endured. We know that you are exhausted, depressed, confused and feel powerless right now. You aren’t powerless – You are powerful and lovely.

A Narcissist will literally drive you absolutely crazy because of their abusive behavior, or worse, could land you in a suicidal state. If you are currently suicidal, please call 911, or contact us – No one is worth dying over – Especially someone who’s abusing you, no matter how pretty that abuse may appear. A Narcissist will have you second guessing your entire reality. Their behavior will lead you to believe that YOU are the one who is unwell. The cycle of horror the Narcissist will/can perpetuate in your life will (And can) be devastating and personally humiliating.

The active Narcissist will rob you of your life, your health and your sanity if you allow them that much power over you. Beware.

Do not kid yourself for one moment. Narcissists are extremely dangerous people. A narcissist that is actively abusing you (And most likely other people) is either aware of their behavior, which makes them an active predator, or not aware of their own behavior but is still actively acting as a predator. There is a very fine line between predator and victim of self. It’s extremely hard to seek revenge and be angry with someone who is unconsciously ill and so completely broken. Be ready, when you’re ready, for this eventuality.

If you believe that you are the victim of a Narcissist, known in trauma circles as a “Narc”, there’s something you need to know that we had to learn the very, very hard way.

That is, you, that’s right, YOU are beautiful in every way and that’s what a Narcissist wants, which is why they have targeted you. Narcissists are extremely dangerous to #Empaths. If you are an #Empath, be aware of your own empathic draw towards the beautiful mask(s) and manipulative charms of the Narcissist.

Something you have, that they will never possess, is what starts the cycle of abuse. As much as you would like to believe that the “Narc” in your life that’s abusing you, genuinely loves you, is a mirage; They don’t love you. It’s part of the pretty mask, the facade, that the active narcissist will use to lure you into their dysfunction of self and abuse. Narcissists lack empathy, completely.

They will abuse you, discard you and traumatize you, repeatedly, for their own ends (“Narcissistic Supply”) without a thought to the consequences of their behavior. They don’t care about the suffering they have inflicted upon you; If and when they do apologize for their behavior, those apologies are lifeless imitations of what the narcissist believes empathy actually is. The abuse, the push pull manipulative behavior, can last for months, years or even decades and it will always end the same way;

Horrible pain, suffering and humiliation for their victim(s).

It should be noted that Narcissists are social chameleons. They appear to be extremely charming, very attractive, very intelligent, very giving and caring to a fault; They aren’t any of those things – They are imitating those qualities for their own ends. It’s all about the Narcissistic abuser; Don’t kid yourselves. Their abusive behavior has nothing to do with those they abuse.

The life of a Narcissist is a giant facade. Narcissists are emotionally empty people; Their entire lives revolve of convincing the world how beautiful, successful, brilliant and wonderful they are. It’s a ruse, it’s not real – That facade is used to draw attention away from the real issue at hand; Their complete emotional emptiness, lack of self and sadness. Narcissists need to be seen and experienced as saviors to everyone they interact with. This is part of their self imposed routine of “Narcissist Supply” they need. Eventually, the masks that they use to lure, abuse and dazzle others slips away – They eventually expose themselves.

That flimsy house of cards will eventually crumble and the pretty but broken mask reveals not necessarily ugliness – It reveals the complete void of self; Which is hard for someone who loves (Or thinks they love) a Narcissist – It’s hard to see someone so sick, regardless of the devastating abuse they perpetuate onto you (And/or other victims). Narcissists, as well, are the victims of unspeakable trauma.

In the end, take comfort if you have been severely abused by a Narcissist. They want something from you that cannot be imitated no matter how hard they try – Something that they will never, ever possess.

  Your inner beauty and lovely soul that you generously offered them, because you’re beautiful.

  So this is the start of our new series. Below is a great video for those of you who is/are the survivor of severe Narcissistic abuse. This woman has ROCKIN’ hair, by the way. We are so jealous.