Signs: They were and are, everywhere.

Our family is finally, coming to conclusion about what Katy Mae actually is. While the world sings for her, myself and other #Divergents who have helped guide our family through this are beginning to see huge clues. Clues are absolutely everywhere and always have been. Just like a loved one tells us “You will see things when you are ready to see them”. Oh, how right she really is.

For whatever reason, the Matrix wanted us to come to conclusion as to what was going wrong, on our own; When we were ready. Or that’s to say, when I was ready. Others in our family system were already talking among themselves. It was Katy Mae who finally reached me. I’m in the process of acknowledging my failure(s) to her as a father and as a person in her service. What this world did to her is beyond awful in every, single way. I should have protected her but I couldn’t. Failure. I failed her. That, in itself, is so very hard to wrestle with, right now. I failed her when she needed me the most. The amount of guilt that I carry, is a huge one.

Everywhere I looked, DiD was put directly in front of my face. Movies, songs, blogs, books. I simply could not escape DiD. It was and is, everywhere. DiD had to be in my face, 24 hours a day, everywhere I turned. Eventually, I would find it, it was only a matter of time. Even when I worked for a video game company called “Matrix Games”, still I was blind to the reality of my/our situation.

The evidence is everywhere. I thought I would share this image with you as reference. This is from one of my (And Kayleigh’s) favorite flight simulators that we were glued to as children. Look for yourself.

Signs; They were everywhere and NOTHING is coincidence, not for us. We will let the image speak for itself.:


  Signs; Signs everywhere.

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  1. da-AL says:

    so sorry – I hope you’ll learn to forgive…

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