1985 for us, was an extremely traumatic time; For so many different reasons. Instead of harping on an immovable past, perhaps we would show you something kind of scary. Well, scary for US, as a family. We think those that have been following my family will know exactly what I mean. 

Like when you see a very clear 33, framed in the shot with “Pee Wee Herman” here – Who is an extinct “Fragment” of MikeANP’s. Thank God. lol. This is one of the easier ciphers Mr. Matrix has presented to us; This is a simple one – The number hold, is one Mr. Matrix likes to use. It is described as follows:

  Hold one three, like this (3) Take the next 3 and divide it by 6 = 3. So it would look like this; (3)3 -Or-


60+33=93 –  9/3=