We are open books about our lives when it comes to living with DiD.

Do you have questions for our family? Feel free to ask. Don’t be shy anything from nail polish to sexuality. Whatever.

Anyways, two good questions we received we thought we would answer, so let’s get crackin’! I will be answering these questions.

  Question 1
“I thought your sober anniversary was March 17?” You would be correct! Just like any other addict we have multiple addictions we have dropped. Our family celebrates all of them and their anniversary dates. Soon, we will be adding smoking to our next kicked addiction. The last of them. The last addiction we have.

  Question 2:
“What’s it like when Katy Mae verbalizes?”  That’s a mixed answer. Katy, or any of us can “Actively Hide” (A/h) inside the host’s body/voice. Sometimes, Katy (Or any of them) will simply speak in my voice – They do this to hide themselves. Other times, she (Or any of them) will modulate her voice. Katy Mae’s voice is very quiet one and sometimes, she even whispers. It all depends on how she is feeling and if she is feeling safe enough to emerge.