Hello lovely souls. Katy Mae is letting her fingernail polish dry. She chose pink and blue; It’s her family reference (and a riddle) for myself and Kayleigh. Internal Projections. 🙂 She hasn’t worn her fingernail polish since she had been laughed at by loved ones because of her nails. Katy Mae is reemerging, slowly. We knew she would come back. The neighbor will be surprised. We’re kinda worried about how he’s going to react. Just wait until he sees the pink eye shadow.

Just a few more months and we can move out of this cursed apartment. We have been offered by friends and family to move home. Back to where we came from; Maybe battle some more demons, there, next. For years, we have been contacting people we knew back home before our recoveries started; An attempt to explain why we and how we took leave of our senses. We have endured living hell (And we mean hell) on Earth being here. We had our reasons for staying where we are after our divorce; Our family feels as though we have fulfilled our obligations, here, to loved ones, professionals and our recoveries.

“He believed that there was some enchantment in the light; Went mad, he did.” –The Lighthouse

And there are many reasons we could stay here and endure more hell on Earth. On multiple fronts for multiple reasons – Everything is complicated. We had hoped that recovery would bring simplicity back; Not really, the exact opposite has occurred. Everything we thought was reality, isn’t reality. Everything, it seems, is in reverse for us. Mr. Matrix dragged us up here for a reason. We wonder, sometimes if that reason will reveal itself in good time (E/e)=JA✅). It’s very hard being here. Hard on all of us.

There’s no such thing as the “Lennox House” in Brattleboro, Vt.

  God, what to do. This is yet another reason we have been so quiet with others. Lots of debates happened as we go in and out of Co-Engagement(s) (C/eg) and splits (/S/). When we get quiet like this, unless we tell you it’s personal, it’s not personal. Our family time, especially right now, is of paramount importance to us.

Just in the nick of time. The new fighter jets have arrived. There was a huge debate whether they were louder than the F-16. Everyone said “nah!”. Let us tell you something, those things are fucking LOUD. The entire apartment building shook, everyone in the complex woke up. Holy shit. At least the F-16 is beautiful to look at. This new fighter jet is UGLY. I wouldn’t fly it because of the looks alone. Fugly and loud. 

It looks like some kind of special needs fighter jet. haha

 Katy Mae has a request; That you remind yourselves, all of you reading this, that you are beautiful, in every way.

  Everyone talks to themselves, we all have voices in our heads – Make sure to listen to yours, they’re important.

Have a good one, lovely readers.