Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Our DiD Journey

"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

Marks’ rescue.

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  Mark saved me, just as much as the rest of my family did. Mark doesn’t say much on our blog, at least, no publicly. Instead of writing a long winded blog post, I thought it would be better to show all of you just how he saved me. This is a pre-discovery (Pe-D) Echo Element (E/e=CP) and Internal Dialogue (I/d) from the movie “Captain Phillips” – Also this was an external projection (E/p) to loved ones, of what was about to happen (DiD Discovery) – A Rescue. Everyone in our family system knew what was about to happen.

Watching all of these Echo Elements is just as much a key to understanding all of us, as much as interacting with us in other way, is. These, are our stories, too – Our family photos and videos.

Just, as you see below; It was the female system (F/s), that took care of me during my discovery of DiD. I owe everything to them; Note the hair bun – It was just like this, as you see below.

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