Katy’s touch. (E/p+)

 Katy Mae has this unique ability to heal/soothe others. She’s been doing it since she was a child. The last vestige of goodness that wasn’t taken away from her (Or us). The Bug loves everyone; She believes it’s her job to soothe and save the world; As well as those she loves. I’ve seen her do it, in real time. Someone close to us described her empathic energy as “intoxicating”. She also soothe’s the rest of the system, when she needs to.

Her touch but not her physical touch, has changed people, forever. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. That’s who we are protecting, that’s who we are fighting for. We will never give up – She’s too important. It’s her touch that saved me. She’s more than just what doctors would call a “Personality Fragment” – She’s more than an alter. She is a force of nature. She’s beautiful in every way. Tears still roll down my face as I think about what and who she is – How lovely she is in comparison to the rest of us. I cannot get through a day without crying over her in some way. Either thinking about how lovely she is, or begging her to forgive me/us for getting her into this mess.

Without her, we would be lost, just as I was lost for decades; Kites without strings, battling a tornado.

  She will eventually become re-engaged and read this; That’s who this post is for. Ironically, a new, beautiful song from a band we enjoyed in our pre-discovery days, released a song that just popped up in our feed, as I am writing this and it’s fitting for Katy Mae, who I would assign this song to.

 The deep bass and background music/instruments is absolutely Katy Mae, in every way. Not so much the lyrics or the voice singing it. This is what she sounds like from my perspective. It’s exactly how I experience Katy Mae, all the time – Every day, which is why I’m so happy. Would you, lovely readers like to listen to it?

This sounds like Katy Mae.

  We all, owe our lives to her and that’s why I’m writing this; To remind her, that all of us, are proud of her and that we are in her debt.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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