Heroes in the mist.

Hello lovely readers! In our new series, we delve deeper into the world of heroes. We all know them. The light bringers. The unsung hero’s in an unseen battle many of us brave, daily. They are there, in the misty darkness, providing the light that makes life worth living and the battle worth fighting. These heroes, in our eyes, are the real saviors, the real healers, the real people. We have met many heroes in our own battle to find order (Recovery).

We know a hero; Ashley over Mental Health @ Home . Our entire family agrees that she’s a part of our family so I”m a bit biased. Beyond that though, there is much to say about her blog.

Ashley is a Nurse who work’s with the mentally ill and battles depression herself. Her blog, as many of you probably already know is very popular. Her blog is a one stop shop of just about everything Mental health related. Ashley has written several books that we have personally read. Also, she hosts other’s blog pieces (Including ours) that she showcases on her front door.

What makes Ashley such the hero is the fact that she works professionally with the mentally ill. She’s one of those rare people that sees the battles going on, every day. She’s in the trenches, with the rest of us as both a professional and sufferer herself. A very rare and brave combination to reveal to the rest of the world. Her work with other’s, along with her own stories have earned her multiple blogging and writing awards; An extremely well deserved set of accolades.

Ashley is also an accomplished author having penned multiple books covering mental illness; We urge you to check out some of her books. They are extremely well written and will inspire readers while shining the true light into the world’s of those suffering mental illness(es).

The stories of the bloggers who’s she’s showcased on her brave website has presented everyone who visits her blog, a rich world of those who live and battle mental illness(es). She truly cares about those who suffer the debilitating effects of mental illness – A very rare trait, indeed. She personally responds to each person that posts comments on both her own writings and the amazingly brave stories of those she hosts.

Another aspect of Ashley’s blog is the interaction not only between her and her readers but the readers themselves. We have met some truly amazing people perusing her blog – Her blog is more a resource for anyone suffering mental illness to find desperate and needed support just as much as it’s a place of education and destigmatization.

Ashley sacrifices her own time to support, educate and above all else, save other lives – including our own.

we want you to have this ashley. 

This, is why Ashley and her inspiring blog, will always be a hero in the mist, to our family.

 You can find Ashley’s blog, right here.