This, our lovely readers is going wayyyyy back in our history. Tonight, for some reason, this video once again popped up in our video feed. We first saw this video years ago; Recovery, for us was just beginning. This video, popped up in our feed “randomly” back when we first saw it. Note, too, the colors of the giant, beautiful woman’s clothing.

This is another video that’s completely disambiguated. What you are seeing on the screen doesn’t match the lyrics being sung in context and or subject matter. This video has to do with pre-deluvian history; It’s a historical reference. Without the historical component, the visual portion of this music video, makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Study lovely readers, study. 🙂

From a family system point of view, this is an internal projection (I/p) of the female system (F/s) being larger, much more colorful and much more beautiful than the rest of us. Also, from a male system (M/s) standpoint, this video highlight’s the female system’s sensuality and sexuality. Someone, who know’s Kayleigh Marie told her “You sure aren’t afraid of your sexuality” – Why would she be; We have no problem flaunting our sexualities. This video accents that sexuality and sensuality – In the form of an external projection (E/p+) to others.

  This video brings back so many horrible, and excruciating memories during the time we discovered it. The Pretty Bug’s heart was smashed, our entire family was thrown into upheaval and the absolute chaos of sober recovery. The life we thought we knew, was taken away from us. “Reality” itself, was taken away from our entire family (And those associated with us).

The actress, who not surprisingly, looking back with hindsight, looks exactly like Liv Tyler from her performance in “Armageddon”. Hello, pretty, giant lady. 🙂 There are so many cool Echo Elements (E/e) from this video, it’s hard to pick just one. 🙂

  Nothing, in our lives, is coincidence.