Goddess Daphne; Who’s who?

Hello lovely readers! We hope your weekend is going well and you are rockin’ it! So tonight, I thought I would talk more about something that’s been bugging the SHIT out of a few of us. It involves “Goddess Daphne”. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s a Goddess from Princess Elizabeth’s story “The Tears Of Kalia”.

Goddess Daphne is a female Goddess that lives above the realm of “Kalia” – Far beyond it’s firmament. She’s a Goddess that decided she wanted to enter her own realm and visit the creatures that existed there. Kalia is HER realm. It was a gift granted to her by other God’s who manage their own realms.

As the story goes, Goddess Daphne is so beautiful, men leap, to this day, to their deaths, in hopes to live with her in the afterlife, forever – The story has become lore as all of those who witnessed Daphne’s arrival are long dead. Tall tales of a giant, beautiful female Goddess, no one has seen in a very, very long time, are still being told.

Being a Goddess, she’s a thousand feet tall and Daphne’s realm began to come under turmoil and war. Eventually, a battle started in her realm and Daphne was so sickened by the conflict and slaughter, she intervened. That war was called “The war of the Giants”. Without her intervention, the war would have been lost. She acted against the other God’s wishes by intervening but the bloodshed had become too great.

The mighty Princess Elizabeth makes her debut in our lives (Po-D). Here she is visualized as a fragment (-f+) from the
Echo Element (E/mv), Game of Thrones (Which we have never seen).

After the war ended, she decided it was time to visit her realm, again; She loves every creature the realm, immeasurably; One of her fallen tears crystallized on the ground and remained there, for 10,000 years. Shortly after she arrived, she played her violin for all the creatures in the realm – A gift, from the Goddess, herself. Her violin music was heard across the entire realm – Her song’s sound bounced off the walls and firmament of her realm and the sound waves were felt by every living creature in her world. Buildings in Kalia rattled while she played.

She also bathed in the realm, plucking the moon from the sky and using it to light her body as she washed herself in a local river, one evening. One of her elegant, huge, silverlike hairpins fell out of her hair during her bath and still sticks out of the Kalian ground where it fell, thousands of years ago and still standing a hundred feet tall – The stars, began to rotate around it as soon as it fell from the Goddess’s hair.

The story she’s writing is absolutely beautiful.Princess Elizabeth has been “dormant” (DMT) for well over a year now – Let’s hope she comes back and finishes her story about her realm.

What makes this particularly so distressful isn’t the fact that the Matrix keeps messing with us. Forget the fact that the statistics for “DiD” are so impossibly askew as to not possibly be accurate. It’s not scary knowing that we stumbled onto a coding system in every movie on earth that no one else has spotted (Which is a giveaway in itself), Mr. Matrix changing Katy Mae’s email address to what you see below, is terrifying but there’s something even scarier:

  As lifelong authors and poets that are constantly learning how to write more effectively, we never make the mistake of writing about something we don’t know about, personally. It was HOW Princess Elizabeth penned her story that makes it so frightening for us.

  It’s scary, being us. Truly scary.

“Maybe we know more about you, than you think” –Mental Health Care Worker (Case Manager)

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    very sorry – hope you’re working through it, discovering bringing insights

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