For our daughter. (Late nite split)

You will wake up soon and see this. It’s very late and you aren’t engaged anymore. It’s always awful to see you go. A pain that is really hard for me to describe with my very limited literary skills. It’ always awful and scary when you disappear in to the fog but I know, you will be back. Your family eagerly awaits your return.

Something occurred to me tonight, late in the night, in the dark while you sleep, safely – I’m understanding you in a different way, a unique way, as I return, while you depart. It’s this.

You are special to this world – While it sings, understand, that your family, as well, is humbly, dutifully and gratefully, in your service.

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  1. all i want is to be your daughter. thats all. thats all i want.

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