Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Our DiD Journey

"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

“Blow” got it just right.

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We don’t have a lot to say about this image, at the moment. This Echo Element (E/e) is from another one of my favorite movies, of which I still echo (E/e(a)) to this day. Katy Mae decided it was time to confront this. This is the most heartbreaking part of DiD. I’m sure one of us will write about, soon. We will just let the image speak for itself, right now. I don’t even want to code the page. Perhaps Katy Mae is a bit engaged, right now.

 This hurts my soul and is an agony no one can possibly understand except
for our family and perhaps, that’s exactly how it should be

This is what living with DiD is really, actually like; It’s this heartbreaking, at times, many times. Especially
when Katy and I walk and talk together.

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