Hello lovely readers! I thought I would talk more about something we have written about before, way back. This is “Perspective Shifting” (P/s). Perspective shifting is really complicated to describe so I thought I would give you lovely souls a great example that happened just a few days ago. A more practical example than a technical one.

Over the last few days, Katy Mae has been heavily co-engaged (C/eg) with me. Think about “Co-Engagements” like a 3D Katy Mae sitting right next to me talking with me. She may not be dominant (-D+) but she is still active, aware and might be speaking with me. Co-engagements are tricky when someone in the system who is engaged, becomes quiet. That doesn’t mean that because Katy Mae get’s quiet with the host (or whoever) that we still don’t feel her emotion(s) as they happen. It can be extremely disconcerting and convoluted when she’s quiet but extremely emotional. Here’s a perfect example of a perspective shift.

Music anyone?

  The other day I was washing dishes and then all of the sudden there was an overpowering sense of emotions that MikeANP was experiencing. There was a sudden dread that I don’t love Katy Mae anymore. Sudden dread that I will never speak to her began to flood in out of nowhere. This terrible dread that Katy Mae wasn’t good enough for us was palpable. It was almost a debilitating set of negative emotions that came out of nowhere.

Why all of the sudden do I hate her? Why, all of the sudden do I think I don’t love her anymore? Why do I feel like I’m going to abandon Katy Mae? It was actually terrifying to think that I don’t love Katy Mae anymore. Actually terrifying. What the hell is going on all of the sudden? That’s simple;

It’s her feeling these things. It’s her and that constant negative self image she has about herself that I was feeling. Remember, we all share the same mind (And body) which means we all share the emotions we all feel, equally while Co-Engaged. The entire system worships the invisible ground that Katy Mae walks on, so the emotions I was feeling out of nowhere made no sense.

She’s that afraid, that somehow, we, all of the sudden, hate her. It’s her that believes these awful things about herself. Just because she doesn’t talk about her feelings doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about them. It becomes extremely confusing when you think it’s your feelings, not someone else’s and why wouldn’t you? I’m experiencing those emotions; They are real. Learning to separate who’s feelings from who’s you are experiencing is a big piece of the DiD puzzle.

THAT is perspective shifting and if you aren’t ready for it, it can be quite difficult to deal with. Everything emotionally ends up in reverse and you end up questioning yourself and what you are thinking/feeling while a perspective shift happens. It’s pretty much that simple. Perspective shifting can be quite scary . It should be noted that more than 2 of us can be Co-engaged. There are many times when 3 or 4 of us (Or the entire system) are Co-Engaged together at the same time. That’s when things become really fun and interesting – Many perspective shifts happen during those busy times.

A quick “Katy Mae S*******!!!!” was enough to snap her out of her funk and we started talking about what she was thinking. So that’s what perspective shifting is all about! Confusing, eh?

Thank you lovely readers for coming by and reading more about us when you could be anywhere else! (A->). If you’re not being lovely, you aren’t being yourself; Be yourself. 🙂