Hello lovely readers! We hope your Saturday night is going well. Someone approached us about 1 week ago and asked if she could host Katy Mae’s poem “Streetlights” on her blog. This was Katy Mae’s poem of what a dominant (-D+) split (/S/) is like. Our entire was so entirely flattered by her request.

Of course this was Katy Mae’s choice to share her poem with the world. And she was happy to.

This person we are referring to is an Emmy award winner novelist named “da-Al”. Her blog is focused both not only on her life but the lives of others.Β  On her website, “Happiness Between Tails” you will read a tremendous number of other stories that that she has graciously decided to host on her site, along with her own life story as well. Her stories and those she chooses to host are engaging and enlightening. You will find a smorgasbord of blogs containing various subjects, on her website – Jump into a multitude of different topics.

Here is Da-AL explaining more about herself.

Our entire family was tremendously humbled with her request. Katy Mae was so proud she choked up. Not proud of herself but proud of the fact that there are other wonderful people, such as her, in the world that are truly on a path of discovery; Discovering other people and bringing their stories to life and the light. That is an uncommon trait; Our experiences interacting with Da-Al was a very positive one. She is warm and inquisitive.

da-Al wanted to know more about what DiD was and is like to live with everyday. It’s extremely rare to meet someone, out of the blue that has sincere and heartfelt questions about this disorder and their fellow human beings, in general.

Our entire family thanks her for her very generous and humbling request to host Katy Mae’s poem – We were all moved by such a brave request and such a lovely soul.

You can find her very lovey blog, right here.