Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran)

It’s kind of weird whenever many in the system see something that brings them to immediate attention and excitement. Miscreant’s Alley was alight yesterday with many of us weighing in on this new image of Kayleigh Marie – Many of us were in actual shock when we saw this:

(E/Mv=GmL – (A), E/-p+, F/s, (-f+), I/p=KM, Po-D, RCT,⚡)

Everyone in the system (including loved ones) can agree that this is a very realistic,very scary representation of what the real Kayleigh Marie is really like. What I like the most about this image is that you don’t know what Kayleigh is thinking or what she’s up to but you have her full and immediate attention – She’s in the shadows.

The music video this image came from, has so many amazing depictions of Kayleigh Marie it’s hard to choose just one; This music video is called “Give me love” by Ed Sheeran. So we will post the video for you and you can decide for yourself if you see the real Kayleigh Marie in “Give me love” – And if you do, do you have a favorite image of her in this video?

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