You know, lovely readers; Nothing in our live’s are coincidence. This new movie just happened to pop up in our feed. It’s for a new movie called “The Lighthouse”. This movie certainly looks interesting! Of course, this trailer has another “Time Targeted Message/Riddle (TT/m)” embedded into it. We are still shocked when we find them but are not really surprised, as we used to be. See below the trailer for the answer to the Time Targeted Message/Riddle we found. **We posted the incorrect trailer in our original post. It’s been updated! Sorry for the confusion.

For new readers, #Lighthouses have been a part of lives, for decades. Also but not ironically, the IMDB entry for this movie is the following:

“The hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.”

Time Targeted Message/Riddle; The entrance of the #Lighthouse in the trailer happens EXACTLY at the 1:13 mark.


By the way; The production of this movie was created by a company “A24”; That’s another riddle. Can you lovely readers who have been following us for a while figure this one out? #Brainbusting at it’s finest. 🙂