Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis
Reviewed by: MikeANP

Ashley has flawlessly compiled heart rending stories of those that suffer from mental illness(s) in a lightweight and natural flowing narrative about the very complex subject(s) of mental illness(s);  And what it means to be diagnosed with one (Or many), actually means. Her new book “Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis”, manages to capture both the professional side and the client side of mental illness(s) and mental health services in one book.

The framework of her book centers around diagnosis’s, listed in the DSM 5; Which is a very complicated book to utilize. It’s called the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)”. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists use this book to diagnose others with mental illness and mental disorders. Thankfully, Ashley’s resourceful book instructs readers how to utilize the DSM, properly, just as any mental health professional would. With both the technical definitions of what qualifies someone to be mentally ill according to the DSM 5 and the no nonsense descriptions of those definitions, makes this book absolutely effortless to read and digest; Professional or novice.

Ashley has brilliantly managed to make the complex world of mental illness(s) extremely understandable, not only from a laymen’s perspective but the professional perspective, as well. This exciting book is a wonderful addition to your library, if you work in the mental health field or if you are interested in mental health stories and mental health activism. Ashley, herself, works in the mental health field as a nurse and suffers from depression; Her personal and professional journey in the mental health field as both a professional and a sufferer, only lends more credence to the well structured and touchingly personal stories in her book “Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis”.

This engrossing book brings into the light, the reality of those that live with mental disorders and illnesses, while inviting readers to experience those lifelong challenges, firsthand. The personal stories that you will read about in her book with touch and surprise you, just as they did with me. This book accomplishes to carefully and skillfully dissolve the steep, cold walls of mental health stigma and allows it’s readers to peer into the diagnosis’s that will never define any of it’s contributors who battle their illnesses, fearlessly.

We highly recommend this book and would like to thank Ashley Peterson writing such a touching, smart and brave book, for our brave new world. You’ve outdone yourself, Ashley!

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