Blast From The Past; Multiplicity in Vermont (The really, really creepy Advertisement)

Hello lovely readers. You go to sleep thinkin’ “Whatever happens, I will wake up and least I (or we) will feel better”? NOPE. Many of us are even more revved up today than yesterday. Lava and thunder. Instead of being outraged I thought we would show you what true multiplicity (DiD) isn’t like.

It should be noted this advertisement is EXACTLY 31 seconds long. Or, 3. We always felt like this totally creepy video was really about us. It felt personal, in some weird way. One of our best friends agreed at the time, when we showed her this; This was personal. Also note the colors; Our colors.

Have you lovelies noticed lately, all the mainstreaming of DiD and similar types of disorder in the media? This particular advertisement is called “Multiplicity”. We say, if you’re going to depict multiplicity, do it right! Everything about what you see below, is, well, WRONG.

This advertisement is wrong and creepy on so many levels. This turns my stomach. So the whole idea here is that this dude want’s to buy a wedding ring (That’ll show her that you love her – buy her sh*t she doesn’t need and probably, in the end, doesn’t even want).

This, as truly revolting as it is, is visualizing a “Co-Engagement” – This is assuming all things are balanced and this person isn’t possessed or split (D), and making an unwise financial decision in the first place. That’s the ugliest fucking ring I have ever seen, I hope she divorces him.hahahahhahaha look outits kayleigh. “They” show up with that ring, there won’t be a wedding.  haha

So, let’s assume the guy talkin’ is the ANP (Apparently Normal Part). THIS is the everyday douchebag that everyone has to interact with. I think the proper term in this application would be douche NOZZLE. That’s fair. lol abiggross slimy one. AW GAWD STOP.

What you are seeing, are the altars conversing over ring, who are all one sex, male, just as the ANP – Assuming the female in the video isn’t an altar, as well. Let’s assume she’s just the attendant, just as it’s suggested. Alters can be all different ages and sexes.

It’s interesting that every single altar agrees that this ring is the thing that’s going to win the chick’s heart. What we mean is, there isn’t an opposing voice. There isn’t an altar shaking his head going “This thing is ugly as sh*t and we can’t afford this…” – “Is this chick really worth this ring?’. This, in our world would be referred to as an “Opposing Alter State – OAS”. An altar doesn’t agree.

If we were next to this douche nozzle (Thank you) knowing he was this engaged with this many altars without an OAS we would say, don’t buy this ring. We would be more worried that this person was possibly possessed. The oppositional side of what DiD (or any identity disorder) is the one of the harder parts. For every + you have -.

This is also of course operating under the assumption that who we are looking at is the ANP. If there has been a dominant “Split” or (-D+), well, this scenario could be a disaster in the making.

 Imagine waking up one morning, having a drained bank account, splitting headache and a woman who’s pissed that you spent every last penny you had on that awful ringWith no memory of it happening! (Dissociation / Memory Compartmentalization)
Waking up from a possession or a Dominant Split can be absolutely terrifying and exhausting. Depending on what’s transpired, you might end up terribly embarrassed or worse – The shit you don’t see in these ads

Thank you, lovely readers for swinging by and listening to us rant. You do that pretty much everyday, so that’s kinda cool right?!?! You could be anywhere and you are here spending time with us – That’s so lovely! How’s about a song for all that readin’?!?

MANY of Sia’s video’s have direct/indirect references to multiplicity.


Continue doing what you do best – bein’ lovely ole you(s)!  byebye 

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6 Responses

  1. mikeandthegang says:

    this is so creepy dad its just so creepy i fucking hate it.

    • mikeandthegang says:

      Lol. Hello Pretty Bug! I agree something about it, is just…’s indescribable weird. It’s not even funny. Wasn’t that the idea?

  2. mikeandthegang says:

    I think we need to hunt this guy and beat him to death with that gaudy, crappy ring.

  3. Ash says:

    If the whole system likes that ugly ass ring this dude is fucked for life (and not in a good way).

    And Katy Mae I agree, it’s creepy.

    • mikeandthegang says:

      HAHA. UGLY. Just imagine his fiance’s face when see looks at that ring. I’m pretty sure Katy Mae will respond to you to. Give her some time. 😀

      M (And the gang)

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