Sometimes, things for us, become unreal. This is one of those times, yet again. Just unreal. We told our best friend that Britney Spears was giving us a very weird face/challenging  smile. We felt it was personal and she agreed – Britney Spears is smiling at us.

Welp, we solved the puzzle of why she is smiling in that very challenging way; It’s another Time Targeted Message (TT/m)! We never considered it before; For some reason we thought tonight, “What if there is a TT/m with her very odd smile”. God,THAT is a beautiful woman.

As you could have probably guessed by now (For those who have followed us for a long time), it’s another matrix riddle; Another Time Targeted Message. This isn’t the first the matrix has challenged our family with Time Targeted puzzles/riddles.

Britney smiles at EXACTLY at 3:01 in the video. Or 13, or 3.

  By the way for those of you that are new to the blog, Britney Spears’s song titled “3P” is a riddle in itself.
3P turns out to be 316 or:




  You can check out the video below and who doesn’t want to look at such a beautiful woman?!?!? Those leggings she’s wearing look amazing! Beautiful puzzle is right.