Hello lovely souls. A loved one got to see us transform ourselves into the characters that we became for decades. When we echo, consciously with a loved one, in our world(s), it’s the most intimate thing that we can do with them.

We must trust someone with who we are as individuals and that’s no easy feat. Echoing with someone is our highest form of intimacy. Forget love making, this is on entire different level.

One of my (MikeANP) favorite characters to become is “Ned Ryerson” from “GroundHog Day”. This particular loved one, got to hear and witness me, literally become Ned Ryerson. What did this person think? Click on “Continue reading” if you would like to know.

This person’s immediate reaction was being completely upset. We could hear it in this person’s voice. While we are echoing, we are at the same time, hyper vigilant of our “target’s” reaction(s) to our persona’s. That’s when this person said “That’s very scary”. This person actually said they were upset in an odd, indescribable way.

They were shocked at my (MikeANP) immediate transformation to Ned Ryerson, himself. This person was shocked that I was able to modulate my voice to match Ned’s along with hyper accurate timing to the space between his words/lines. This person was upset in a way that they couldn’t describe. I understand.

It’s very disarming and disturbing to watch a person turn into someone else on command. It’s disconcerting and worrying in a strange way but an equally entertaining way. You could hear the strangely unidentifiable worry in this person’s voice as they were shocked by my “performance”.

I have practiced Ned’s lines and character mannerism so much, to transform myself into him is effortless. Those in my family are a set of world class actors; We have been movie characters, in every condition, our entire lives. One loved one of our’s loves our “Lincoln O Sirus” persona, which they have described as “Terrifying”.

Which leads to sunny point number two; Misdiagnosis.

What ended up happening was that as we studied and became each of the fragments
(-f+) we studied so often, that we ended up escaping detection by everyone. We mean, literally, everyone. We stated this before; We are the only family on Earth that does what we do with movie characters, we are the only ones. This means something special.

Unless you have seen hundreds of movies featuring thousands of characters and their individual lines and mannerisms you would have no idea when we are echoing a movie character. I’ll (MikeANP) give you an example of what I mean. Let’s say I’m about to meet a new therapist; I walk directly into her/his office and immediately say:

“Oh God, it’s so good to see you!!” in Ned’s voice and or character mannerisms he or she would have absolutely no idea that I (MikeANP) was fragmenting (-f+). The only way that therapist would know something was up was if they knew “Groundhog Day” and that particularly character and his lines by heart – And be able to recall that particular character and apply it to me (And us).

As children our character studies and echoing, ad nauseam, was encouraged. Our family  loved when we became the movie characters we became. Many times, our adoptive sister would love when we became “Max Cady” from”Cape Fear”. She would love listening to me (MikeANP) echo Cady’s lines, very creepily:


  “Counselor, could you be there?!?!” (E/e=Cape Fear)

  No one has an internal movie/tv/music video database of characters and their persona’s like we do. There’s no one on Earth that could have known that we were constantly fragmenting into all of these different characters unconsciously and simultaneously x9. As we were encouraged to become these characters, it simply became part of our survival strategy during an extremely traumatic childhood – We were safe and lovable being other people.

A loved one, recently saw our database of fragments (-f+) and said “I have heard some of these!”. Had this person not/never seen that database, they would have continued on, not having realized that we were fragmenting in front of them at the time. This is how effectively we can hide as other people – You have and could have no idea we are doing it. It could be a physical echo (e/(p)) like nodding my head like a movie character or ordering drinks that a character has in a movie – It maybe exhaling cigarette smoke in the same way a movie character from “Blow” does. You’d never know.

We can become whoever we need to become depending on the situation or whoever we think you need us to be, based on our own hyper vigilant perception(s) of you. It could be as simple as echoing “Cooper” from “Interstellar” by telling you “No” in a higher pitch in our voice,echoing his character’s voice and inflection. You would be completely clueless MikeANP is fragmenting.

This is why no one could possibly help us – No one, would have figured this out but us.

And……that’s that. (E/e=Castaway)


“When you really understand something, you are liberated from it…”  -The Four Horsemen