Quick Decode: Divergent (Em/v)

This E/mv means different things for different parts of us (I/d).
For MikeANP, this is a visualization of a split (S) from MikeANP to an indifferent Kayleigh Marie.

A-> – Anchor
ARS – Associative Rite Symbology
AtB – Attention to Brass
A/atk – Altar Attack
A/s – Altar State
A/e= – Activation Element
ANP- Apparently Normal Part
C3 – Constant Color Conditioning
C/e – Compound Engagement
(D)-/+ – Dominant
(D/s) – Dissociative State
E/Mv – Echo (Music Video)
E/E – Echo Element
E/e(p) – Physical Echo
E/e(a) – Audible Echo
E/e(c) – Combined Echo
Ff/d – Fight For Dominance 
(F) -/+ – Fragment
(G) – Green Moment
(T) – Theme
(S) – Split
T/e – Trauma Element
TTm – Time Targeted Message
(P) – Possession
-P+ – Projective
I/d – Internal Dialogue
NDS – Non Dominant State
OAS – Opposing Alter State
^/^ – Post Edit

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