Marksmen: A realization.

A-> Hello lovely souls. Thanks for swinging by when you could be elsewhere. After a huge amount of debate by a few of us, we have come to understand the importance of snipers in our internal dialogue(s) (I/d=?), projections (-P+) and Echo Elements (E/e)

It has very little to do with us actually becoming snipers, in reality. All 9 of us hide in one body and at times, in one voice, the MikeANP part of our personality; Some might say, like a concealed marksman (See above echo element). People have called us chameleons our entire lives.

We can hide and it makes perfect sense as children, we gravitated to visualizations of what we do everyday. – we hide amongst ourselves. You may never see or hear Katy Mae but she is there, just as the rest of us. Sometimes, lying in wait. You might never know who exactly you are speaking to.

Can anyone tell us why an American Sniper is using a British Sniper Rifle in “Spy Game”.!?!?We solved this puzzle about a year ago. Let us know in the comments section below!

This is many ways is a release for us. This has nothing to do with serving in the military, nothing to do with killing other people from afar. I doubt highly Katy Mae would ever be part of wanting something or someone dead.

This is a relief in a way to understand that the above echo elements are simply an external projection based on internal dialogue and action(s) – That can describe any one of us at any one time.

This makes it easier to let get of the fact that we weren’t marksman in the military because it has nothing to do with the military service. It appeared that way.

A children’s sets of association(s), nothing more. We cam let go of this, finally – We expect it will take time.

This Echo Element gave us a ton of trouble.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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