It’s come to our understanding you lovely people cannot see our “Acronyms List”. It’s basically our coding system for the entire blog. Consider this code as our form of language – We needed a way to communicate with the outside world.

So what the hell is a “E/e(p)”? It means “Echo Element, physical”. This means that if Katy Mae is dominant, Co-Engaged or possessive she will physically react just like her frags that she has been studying for decades.

If you catch Katy Mae cranking her head sideways like you see below, you know she’s part of our system that is active. It’s her way of existing. This is one of her echo’s she uses to legitimize/visualize herself to loved ones, friends, or even to the rest of us (Internal Dialogue (I/d)).

Katy Mae’s Primary Fragment, Amy Lee’s to catch Katy Mae, or any of us, you must be paying close attention to us to notice our physical echos.