Dormancy and DiD.

The one thing you never see any of these women claiming to have DiD online and on the news, is, dormancy. When the ANP or family member in the system goes dormant, odd things happen.

In our world, dormant means that your appetite can change, your sleeping habits can be affected, your basic interests change, eating habits change, loved ones may be no longer loved ones, ect. It can come out of nowhere leaving external family and friends baffled to our quietness and distance, at times.

“They don’t hear you singing to me”

Days, weeks, months can go by where all of the sudden, someone (or multiple) in our family system stops talking/operating all of the sudden – Dormant! The emails and phone calls from us stop suddenly – We change, seemingly, from the ground up, even our voices can change.

Dormancy is the opposite of a Co-Engagement(s) and can last as long as a dominance issue persists, from our experience.






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  1. langstman says:

    I agree, it’s very confusing for loved ones as well.

  2. Once a loved one realizes it’s all part of who you all are and stops taking it all personally, there comes a full acceptance as to this is how it goes. This in turn helps all of you feel and know that you are all accepted as is, which is what you all seek, ultimate freedom to be yourselves without fear of judgement, neglect, abandonment and the such.

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