Holy fuck, lovelies. It’s days like today, it’s just; Brain rekking. We just realized why the Tiger Tank in “Saving Private Ryan” (Our favorite tank and our favorite WW2 movie) is on the suspension/chassis of a different tank, entirely. We just put it together, this afternoon.

Son of a bitch, the matrix got us AGAIN. The first time we saw this movie, we thought this was a grievous, yet unintentional historical flop. Nope, not a chance.

The Tiger in the movie, has a big red 3 painted on the side of it (We just realized this today). Now we know WHY the Tiger tank in this movie is placed on top of the Russian T-34. Do you see it yet? Click read more for the answer;

 T-34= 4×3=12 (2+1=3)
Tiger Tank= 3

  Or 33