“I don’t care what you hear and what you don’t…”

Helloooo lovelies. So, our ex-wife told her boyfriend (On the phone) something that she THOUGHT would hurt us deeply and seriously. We were actually expecting to hear what she said to him. Surprise, Surprise. Yea, not so much. This situation is so ridiculous it cannot be taken seriously, anymore.
Stupid games that we refuse to play (This also goes to all those that know us). Kayleigh Marie along with me aren’t all that surprised, not even hurt at this point. It’s quite amazing how Kayleigh Marie kept her composure.

Oh well. Oh yea, we were tailed in our car and followed too, by someone. 
Every once in a great while, too much information is just the right amount of information. We are writing this, collectively for selfish reasons. That and one day we hope that she stumbles upon this very blog piece. Perhaps when she’s in a different place.

This horrible, terrible, messed up situation(s) happens to others too. We hope so much someone else reads this and gleans perhaps, a bit of our experience and can use it in their own recoveries with abusive partners.

We also know (If things are really equal) patterns and behavior. We live with Autism and people with Autism love and will find patterns (In almost every way). We know we are being treated exactly like the person our ex wife was dating before she met us.

Part of us feels badly for our ex wife (Assuming all is equal, which it never is; The Matrix) because this is her self destructive, co-dependant behavioral pattern we were always too sick to see. We began to lock onto it when we began to find order (Recovery).

Our ex-wife didn’t want to see us get better. That’s not how co-dependant relationships work. She needed us sick and we aren’t sick anymore. She did everything in her power to keep us ill. “Kayleigh isn’t real” etcetera and so for forth.
Ridiculous, provocative behavior that we want no part of.

Because of that fact, we MUST look at this fucked up, abusive situation in a new light. She’s in the dark. We know, better than anyone what the dark truly looks like. For us to be incensed for things we not only experienced but understand and took part in, would be wrong.
Compassion, dear lovelies, compassion is what’s required; No reaction.

We spent too many years angry. Too many decades furious with the world. Rightfully so, perhaps but after 4 decades you would have thought we found a new way. That’s how ill we were.

We don’t either deny our abusive/CoDependant behavior in most if not all our relationships, including our marriage. We ended up here out of our minds batshit crazy. By the time we found order, most of our relationships were in flames.

Correction; All of them, in fact, were in flames.

  With that stupid bullshit out of the way, we were tailed in our car and followed. It’s a messed up story. I’m sure we will get to it, soon.

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