Groundhog day made us very sick for a very long time as it was a movie that was released during some of the worst trauma happening (Heavy Color Contrast) in our lives up until that point. We still echo  many lines from that movie to this day. Coffee, Coke, Water.

  “This is no mistake, no accident…” -Katy Perry.

Bill Murray is looking at two (2) sets of 3 lights which is 33. ^Note the bright yellow color of the lights themselves. Very important detail.^ That was a hilarious scene. Exactly what we went through and are going through now. LOL.

isthis real life.? Not a fucking chance in hell, Bug. Oh my, I cannot believe it.this isn’t real life. crayyyyzzzaay!
^Also, 3 sets of red vertical staffs with 3 red triangles.