Hello lovelies. We are finally being release from the hospital. It’s a long (but short) time coming. We are absolutely exhausted. Being emotional in a hospital is a weird kind of thing and weird things are said; Today however, there was a sliver of recovery hope in someone else’s assessment of us. Let’s talk about it.

“You’re an honest man, a straight shooter…” We have battled our own demons and addictions for 5 long years. An epic struggle (At least for us) has been taking place in hopes of wrangling what was wrong with all of us, as the system itself wasn’t going to help us. No one was and no one should have had to. This is a war, #Ourwar.

To hear another human being give us a compliment of that caliber, give the considerations of who we are, what we were and what, we as a family are struggling to become, needed to finally hear those words for what they were worth and they mean everything to us.
We have spent a lifetime in dishonesty because of shame. To hear someone say something like that about us is…Stunning.
You know who you are. Thank you. This is our sliver of hope we have been waiting to see and perhaps grasp onto, in the dark. This, is the payoff for years and years of sober, up at the crack of dawn recovery work.