The Hulk (Fusion + ARS Elements)

Hello our lovelies. We watched this show during the worst years of our lives, at a very young age which qualifies it as a “Fusion” element. The ending of this intro scared the absolute shit out of all of us for some unknown reason until tonight. Our family was being fused in real time and we had no idea it was happening but we felt it in our entire bodies and minds. Very scary shit.

Listen carefully, lovely readers to what is being said in this intro. For those that know ALL of us, it might be a bit scary.
*Also note, yet again, the theme of human genetic manipulation.*

It’s interesting to note that Sia, the musician uses the same kind of visual splitting style, wouldn’t you agree? Also note the copious use of trauma elements (T/e) in this trailer, including water and fire.

Also note the use of copious, small solid amber/yellow lights. This is a very important detail in our story. Nothing in our lives, as all of you already know, is coincidental. This was planned for us, longgg before we were born.


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